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    Artnr: NEPI18pkt

    Manöverpanel varnings/blixtljus Neptune i18

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    Styr din enhet/enheter med tillhörande APP via Bluetooth (finns för närvarande endast för Android).

    This products can match with 911 Signal official APP, and app allows you to reconfigure the buttons on your controller and directly control your lightbars. What’s more , you can also create scenes that allow you to control multiple functions at once.

    > Custom controller functions

    > CAN bus technology

    > Over-the-air(OTA) updates

    > 20s recording loop playback, press to talk(PTT) function

    > Speaker volume adjustment,Low voltage protection

    > Synchronous display of the working status of lightbars

    > Magnetic base is easy to take and place

    > 30 minutes standby, low power consumption, backlight off

    > Batch installation at the refitting factory via APP batch configuration

    > The button symbol is wearproof and can be customized by the customer

    > Products are suitable for the following industry vehicles: firefighting, EMS, civil affairs, public security, anti-terrorism.

    APP för Android:
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    APP för iPhone:
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    Ytbehandling 70% svart
    Strömstyrka 1,5 W
    Spänning 12V
    Längd 187 mm
    Bredd 65 mm
    Höjd 23 mm
    Godkännande R10; ETSI EN 300328; EN 300440; FCC CFR4715
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